Basically, each drawing is a failure. Instead of drawing static pictures embodying perceptual elements like strain or weight, how satisfying would it be to design a system that really feels strain and weight, a system which embodies the very perception process and then acts and expresses itself. But in order to fulfill those requirements with reasonable success, one has to analyze the questions and the words: what does it mean to feel strain, what does it mean to feel weight, what’s the difference between feeling weight and a weighing scale, etc.

Those are big wonderful questions tackled by philosophy and cognitive science. The main goal here however is to see systems and little things showing beautiful motion and empathic acting, thanks to properly designed circuitry and wiring. And if it's still far too complex, let’s design systems and bodies that express “elementary” life sets, like standing, falling or hitting something.

In one word, that is animation. But it would be interesting if it’s self-animation or autonomous motion or whatever “on its own”.

Originally called “Concepts en forme”. .