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Van Schneider box-shadow

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CSS property currentColor allows you to inherit the value of the property color of the parent container.

For example, all of the following boxes have border: 1px solid currentColor. The border takes the text color of the box.

Box 1 Box 2 Box 3 Box 4

This paragraph is set in Verdana with a font size of 22 pixels, a line height of 44 pixels and a maximum width of 700 pixels. I think it is readable, relaxing, and good looking. Verdana is a good typeface. It works with small font sizes, and with big font sizes like this one.

Frozen Characters

Stylized text shadow

Beautiful looking & pleasant to read paragraph text. The body text is set in Merriweather. Merriweather is a free typeface available on Google Fonts. As of March 2017, there are 4 available weights: Light, Regular, Bold and Black, with italic style for each.

Responsive header on window resize

3D Text

Standard cross-device good enough font style.

Thin typeface.